Genzon Water-Filters

Genzon Water Purifiers are state-of-the-art and uniquely designed by Water Scientists to filter toxins and contaminents from drinking water by removing bacteria (including e-coli, giardia, cryptospiridium), chemicals (including 100% chlorine & 90% of fluoride), heavy metals, THM's, sediment & particles (down to 0.1.5 micron).
A balanced range of alkaline minerals is added to the water via deep sea mined mineral stones and sanitised by specially impregnated silver stones. Silver is a natural anti-bacterial which prevents the formation of algae in the water. A 1200 gauss magnetic field in the tap then ionises the water, this creates a softer, smoother taste which is easier to digest but also re-structures the molecules to re-hydrate more rapidly at a cellular level.

All materials are food grade BPA Free

No plumbing or electricity is required which makes the unit portable.
Create your own Alkaline, Mineraised, Ionised water for less than 10c per litre.

  • Peace of Mind - Know what you are drinking as you are creating your own pure, Alkaline, Mineralised Water that you are confident has chemicals (chlorine, fluoride), bacteria, heavy metals, THM's, sediment & particles down to 0.2micron removed.
  • Unlike under-sink filtration, Genzon systems re-mineralise with mined mineral stones, sanitise with silver stones, ionise by a1200 gauss magnetic field in the tap. There is no wastage of water in this filtration process, unlike reverse osmosis.
  • Alkaline Water for less than 10c per litre, Systems parts all BPA Free, Made in South Korea. Water from any fresh source (tap, tank, bore, stream) can be filtered in the Genzon systems.
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