Wellness Water Filters

Our Wellness Water Filters Not Only Purify Your Water but Re-Mineralise It

At Genzon Water, we offer Wellness water filters to restore the purity of the water coming from your taps because even if you’re not drinking from them, you most likely use it to wash your vegetables, shower and bath. It’s become even more urgent to consider this option since recent bushfires compromised the safety of tap water for consumption. Our Japanese water filters help restore your confidence in the quality of water.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Japanese Water Filters

We offer our clients a filter that decontaminates water, re-introduces minerals and alkalises and ionises it. What this means is that minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphorous are restored. Because alkalised water contains low acidity levels, it means you’re not introducing water into your body that allows viruses to thrive as they do in a very low pH environment, resulting from compromised water.

The safety of our drinking water for consumption has been affected by the bushfires in the following ways:

  • Catchment areas. Vegetation and ground cover where rainwater collects may be compromised.
  • Clogged filters. This problem will require removing filters from operation, which may affect the water supply until they’ve been cleaned.
  • Ash and eroded soil washed into waterways. This sediment reduces oxygen levels in the water, killing wildlife which in themselves compromise the safety of drinking water.

National health measures require water to be chlorinated, making it safe for the public to drink. There is good reason to be confident in it because of its proven track record with disinfecting water. Following the bushfires, however, several affected towns have been advised to boil their water before use.

Benefits of Our Japanese Water Filters Also Include

The distance from the public source of water to your home will affect the strength of the chlorine scent in your water. At Genzon Water, we endeavour to soften and refine the taste of your water. Our products offer you the following benefits:

  • Removes bacteria. The different levels of filtration remove organic and inorganic particles, where the second stage of purification further removes impurities using natural raw materials.
  • Re-mineralising. Removing harmful agents from the water leaves the water void of any beneficial properties it once may have had. Therefore, it is necessary to reintroduce minerals to the water to nourish your body.
  • Alkalising and Ionising. Tests have been done on our water to ensure that its pH closely matches human blood, creating an environment within your body where viruses cannot thrive.

Why You Should Use Genzon Water

We are committed to bringing you Japanese water filters that provide pure water that is not only safe to drink but is enjoyable too. So, for a water solution that you can rely on, contact us for more information. Let us help bring your confidence back in the water that you drink.