Why Filter Water

Boiling tap water does not purify or remove pollutants and bacteria. Boiling will kill bacteria, however does not remove dead bacteria. Toxins, chemicals and other pollutants remain unharmed and active in a concentrated form.

Tap Toxins

Water suitable for consumption it is ‘DISINFECTED ‘with Chlorine
Chlorine is a chemical compound effective in destroying plant and animal life in water. Aimed to eliminate disease causing organisms found in drinking water sources, this process is challenging as bacterial organisms such as Cryptosporidium & Giardia are resistant to commonly used disinfectant processes.

Disinfectants can further react with other natural compounds, and pollutants in water to form byproducts such as trihalomethanes, leading to further health risks (EPA Chlorine).

Many scientists believe it is the formation and ingestion of these byproducts that are causing carcinogenic disease, such as bladder cancer in our bodies. THM’s encourage free radical formation damaging our cells, and although they are present in low concentrations, these levels are found to be responsible for a large proportion of urinary related cancers.

Long term drinking of chlorinated water increased a person’s risk of developing bladder cancer by 80% according to a study in the Journal of National Cancer Institute. Similarly, a recent US study in Connecticut found women with breast cancer have 50-60% higher chlorine byproducts in their breast tissue than those without breast cancer.

Genzon’s carbon filter will absorb chlorine and other contaminants before further filtration and remineralization etc.

Compound added to drinking water to make the water look cleaner

Environmental contaminants
Agricultural products including fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides can leach into soil and run off into natural water courses to be found in drinking water resources.

Heavy metals such as lead and copper can leach into the water from the pipes carrying our water supply.

Fluoride is also added to water to treat against dental decay and has been linked to a multitude of health issues including cancers, thyroid gland and hormone imbalances.