Set-up and Preparation of your system.

It is important to have your system set up correctly and the filters and stones rinsed thoroughly to remove the dust and the initial strong taste.


Watch this video for instructions



Step 1: Unpack your Genzon Purifier and recycle the packaging

Step 2: Take the Mineral and Silver stones from their packaging and put them in a large bowl or bucket and rinse them with fresh clean water. Then tip this water onto the garden to make use of the minerals. Re-fill the bucket with fresh water and soak the stones at least overnight to remove the mineral dust and improve the taste, try to change the water 2 or 3 times if possible.

Step 3: In another container, place the multi-layer filter and cover it with clean cold water. This will bring all the air bubbles to the surface and make sure the water is running out the bottom.We also recommend that this filter can be placed in the bucket with the stones for thorough rinsing. It is a good idea to sit the filter on top of the stones and ensure that the top of the filter is under the level of the water.

Step 4: Rinse all other system parts in warm water with a clean cloth and dry, please do not use any detergents. The Ceramic filter can be wiped over with a damp soft cloth under your kitchen tap.

Step 5: Putting the system together. We recommend you start from the bottom and work up. Put the stand on a flat surface Fit the tap to the lower tank – separate the tap making sure that you have the washer in 2 parts. The smaller washer stays on the outside whilst the larger washer stays on the inside of the tank with the magnetic section. Place the magnetic section in the bottom tank and screw the tap into this through the hole at the bottom of the tank. This should be just “touch tight” – as the washers are silicone, if they are over-tightened, the water will leak out
Place this tank onto the stand.

Step 6: Place the pre-soaked stones into the lower tank.

Step 7: Place the water tank cover (dividing plate) on the lower tank.

Step 8: Screw the Multi-stage filter into the Plastic Plate. The O ring will already be attached to the filter cartridge. Sit this into the dividing place so that the cartridge is suspended in the lower tank.

Step 9: Place the small silicone washer on the stem of the Ceramic filter and insert the filter into the receiving or top tank. Then attach the wing nut underneath the tank and tighten (not overly) Sit the top tank onto the dividing plate.

Step 10: Fill the top tank with water and put on the lid.


Points to remember:

  • The first couple of tanks will be slower to filter as the ceramic filter needs to “soak in”.
  • It is recommended to discard the first 1 or 2 lots of water that come through the bottom tank until the taste is to your liking.
  • The discarded water can be given to pets (they love the mineral taste) or put on the garden.
  • The flow rate when the system is fully operational is 1 litre every ½ hour.
  • It is important not to put any water in the top tank if the bottom tank is already full.
  • The system is not a sealed unit so the water would have no option other than to leak out.

General On-going Maintenance:

Ceramic Filter – this can be removed from the top/holding tank by unscrewing the wing nut underneath. Using a damp cloth or old, soft Toothbrush, gently clean the discoloration from the filter.

Some fresh lemon juice in water will also remove any build up.
Do not ever use detergent.


Silver and Mineral stones can be recycled by putting them in the garden or in the pet’s water bowl (there will be a small amount of minerals left which will be beneficial to the pets.

Multi-layer filter cartridge can be cracked open and contents sprinkled on the garden.