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Several global studies have claimed that there are health benefits to drinking alkaline water. Alkaline refers to the pH level of a substance that measures its acidity or alkalinity. A substance with a pH level of one is extremely acidic, while the higher you are on the scale towards 14, it leans toward alkalinity. Regular drinking water has a pH level of 7 which means it’s pH Neutral. However, alkaline water has an 8 or 9 pH which some scientists believe is beneficial to the human body. For this reason, you should consider investing in a water alkaliser in Australia.

Benefits of Using an Alkalising Water Filter

Balancing the pH level is easier when you acquire a specific water filter that is alkaline. Water from your tap is more acidic, which highlights the need for a filtering process.

  • Drinking water from this filter will increase the pH level of the water, making it more alkaline. When you consider the fact that humans accumulate acid in the body through various foods that affect your cells' function, you can understand why it’s crucial to neutralise the acid. If your body is too acidic, you become more vulnerable to diseases, but you can avoid it by improving the pH in your body.
  • Toxins gradually build up in the body over time. Drinking alkaline water can help flush out these toxins and prevent several health conditions. To assist with removing these harmful elements in the body, you should eat fruit and vegetables and couple that with at least eight glasses of alkaline water. This raises the pH level of your urine, which improves kidney function and detoxifies the body.
  • Using an alkaline water system daily can help you lose weight. When you consume unhealthy foods, it significantly increases the level of acidity in your body. As a natural reaction, your body produces more fat cells to neutralise the acid, however, this results in weight gain. For this reason, when you consume water with a higher pH level, you’re counteracting the effect of junk food in your body.

What to Expect from Genzon Water Regarding a Water Alkaliser from Australia

Even though we’re a local company, we source high-quality products from overseas that can assist in removing contaminants from your drinking water while increasing its alkalinity.

  • When you unpack the purifier, you can recycle the packaging before taking the mineral and silver stones and rinsing them with water in a bucket. Use this water in the garden to maximise the nutrients and refill the bucket with fresh water. Soak the stones overnight to remove mineral dust. Place the multi-layer filter under a slow running tap until the black dust is removed and clear water is running through the cartridge. The put this in the container with the stoes and cover it with clean, cold water, soaking overnight. Rinse other system parts with warm water and dry them with a clean, dry cloth without detergents.
  • Put the system together by working from the bottom. Fit the tap to the lower tank and make sure you have the washers in two parts. One washer goes on the outside, and the other one inside the tank.
  • Place the pre-soaked stones into the lower tank, followed by the dividing plate and then screw the filter onto the plastic plate. Place the small silicone washer on the stem of the ceramic filter and insert it into the top tank. Attach the wing nut underneath the tank and tighten it while placing the top tank onto the dividing plate. Finally, fill the top tank with water and place the lid on top.

About Genzon Water

We are a leading company that supplies a high-quality alkalising water filter to improve your pH levels. All our products have a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the purifier.

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