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How often do I replace the filters?

12 ltr system ceramic filter yearly $44.95

Activated carbon 6 monthly $44.95

Silver Stones 12 $39.95

Mineral Stones 4 – 5 years $49.95

5 ltr system Ceramic filter yearly $44.95

Activated carbon yearly $44.95

Silver/Mineral pkg 3 years $49.95

What if I am not using it everyday?

The change of filters is based on usage, not time,it is based on approx. 2,000litres passing through the filter which equates to12 ltr or 5 ltr per  day.

For optimum fluoride reduction, the activatedcarbon filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 months as the Ion ExchangeResin which is absorbing the fluoride has a lifespan of 5-6 monthsonly. The IOR will lose it’s efficacy after this time.

Which minerals are replaced?

A range of ionised minerals and trace elements are replaced, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium.

Does it remove fluoride?

Fluoride is reduced up to 98% depending on the local water supply. No purifier(not even reverse osmosis) will remove100%. For 100% removal of fluoride it is advised to install a smallrainwater tank and put water from that through a Genzon purifier – thiswill ensure the most pristine water possible.

What would a tank cost?

A 1,000 ltr tank would be approx. $800 - $1000.

I would like the 12 ltr but it is too tall for my bench

The purifier can be taken off the stand and sat on the bench.  It is advised to perhaps put it on a bread board or similar to raise the tap above bench level.

How do I clean the ceramic filter?

Remove the filter from the upper tank by unscrewing the wing nut, take the ceramic filter out and under running water rub gently with a clean soft cloth or old toothbrush.  Do not use any chemicals. A few drops of fresh lemon juice will also help.

How do I know when the ceramic filter needs cleaning?

The ceramic will change colour from the bottom up. As you notice a the change in colour around the bottom it is starting to block.

Do I need to clean the tanks?

The top tank needs cleaning as it is collecting allthe particles, dust, etc. that is not passing through the ceramic filter.

The bottom tank is self-cleaning as the silver stones are a natural anti-bacterial, stopping any algae growing and keeping the water fresh & clean.

How long can the water stay in the bottom tank?

Due to the silver stones in the tank, the water could sit unused for up to 1 month or maybe more. The water will remain fresh.

Can I travel with water in the 5 ltr purifier?

Definitely, however, do not travel with water in the upper tank as it will spill out.  It is perfectly fine to have water in the bottom tank – 2/3rds full is ideal.

It is recommended to use the Insulated Travel Bag for transportation, which is available as an optional extra for $29.95

What type of water can I put in the purifiers?

Water from any FRESH source – i.e .tap/tank/bore/stream, even dam water. 

The ceramic filter may need to be cleaned more often when filtering from overly contaminated sources.

Can I fill the top tank when the bottom tank is full?

NO, the water has no-where to go other than seep out – as the bottom tank empties, the top tank can be re-filled.

Would the water purifiers be suitable for people on Dialysis machines?

Only if the mineral rocks are NOT put in the bottom tank –these people cannot have minerals in the water, otherwise OK as the chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals are removed.

Why should I purchase Genzon and not another purifier?

Our point of difference to under-sink, reverse osmosis, etc.-  once all the bacteria, chemicals, heavy metals, THM’s, sediment & particles are     removed, the water is dead and not nourishing the body at all. Genzon purifiers re-mineralise the water and sanitise with natural, mined           mineral stones and silver impregnated stones.

Is the water Alkaline and what is the pH?

Yes the water is alkaline.

Two independent tests have been carried out by SAS Laboratories and Enviro lab who measure the pH from 8.0 to 8.4. 

These levels are considered excellent as the pH of our blood is 7.35 to 7.45.

Are the plastics BPA Free?

Yes the manufacturer guarantees the plastics to be Food Grade BPA Free.

Where are they manufactured?

All our units are manufactured in Seoul, South Korea.

Why should I not buy a unit manufactured in China?

Purifiers manufactured in China are not guaranteed to be BPA free, so there is not compliance that chemicals are not in the plastics. These systems also do not have silver stones in the bottom tank so the water is likely to grow algae.

Are there magnetics in the taps?

Yes, there are 1200 gauss magnetics in the tap which oxygenates, energises and breaks down the water clusters for rapid absorption into the bloodstream.

The body can re-hydrate at a faster rate and the water is softer, lighter and easier to drink.

What is the guarantee?

Genzon offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and 5year warranty on all parts due to manufacturing faults.

How do I know when it is time to replace the parts?

Genzon will send an email reminding you that it is time for replacements. Then you can order on-line, contact your distributor orphone your order to our toll free number.

There is also the opportunity to subscribe to our auto-renewal system which saves the worry of remembering to order there placements.