3 Healthy Reasons to Start Using Water Filters in Australia

Have you ever wondered just how safe it is to drink tap water? While tap water in Australia does indeed go through decontamination, there is always a chance that toxins and contaminants would remain. Traces of chlorine and fluoride for example, which are used to clean the water, are still often found in tap water.

This is why the use of water filters in Australia is encouraged. Bushfires, for one, affect our drinking water. When ash and eroded soil sediments seep into waterways, this not only contaminates them but also lessens the oxygen levels in the water, killing wildlife.

Making use of a water filter for your drinking water is added measure for good health and safety. More than that, however, there are a good number of health-related reasons why water filters in Australia make practical sense.

1. Improved Digestion

Our bodies are naturally acidic, and water with the right pH levels lower acidity, lessening the instances and effects of acid reflux. Water filters that remove bacteria also help prevent gastrointestinal illnesses. Lastly, water that’s alkalised, ionised, and enhanced with minerals, improves your digestion by making your body better able to absorb water, as well as the minerals contained in it.

2. Increased Energy

Your body can absorb alkaline water quicker when it goes through a Genzon Water filter. Increased absorption equals increased hydration, which ultimately means that you’re more capable of raising and maintaining your energy levels throughout the day.

3. Potential Weight Loss

Drinking water has been said to be effective in reducing your appetite. One study from the National Centre for Biotechnology Information found that participants who drank 500ml of water prior to each main meal consumed 44% fewer calories than the group that didn’t.

Drinking alkaline water also helps reduce the body’s acidity, thereby stopping fat storage. Dr Young explains in his book, The pH Miracle for Weight Loss, that the less acidic and the more alkaline (in its basic chemistry) your food and drink are the more likely your body is to let go of excess fat.

If you’ve been convinced of its benefits to your overall health, finding a water filter in Brisbane or Australia is the next logical step. While there may be many water filters in Brisbane to choose from, one thing Genzon Water can guarantee its users is that our water filters are made with high-grade, quality materials that are BPA-free and use natural raw materials to help with the removal of impurities. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us at Genzon Water.