Hydration during exercise: Why is it so important?

Genzon Water Hydration


When we go through a workout, we often find ourselves gasping for some form of relief from the stress of the workout. One of the most popular tools to turn to as a means of relieving discomfort is water.

The more water that we can take in while we work out, the better. However, it’s easy to drink too much water and leave yourself feeling full, bloated and even a little sickly. Don’t, though, greatly reduce the amount of water that you take in during a workout.

While everyone has their own individual needs for hydration, based on your body size, your overall fitness levels and the temperature of where you work out, you do not need to over-do it. If you don’t drink enough water during your workout, you can look forward to:


  • A needless increase in heart rate as your body puts itself under even more pressure.
  • Dehydration leading to problems such as excess fatigue and overexertion.
  • A drop-off in your cognitive control, leading to mistakes and low-effort exercise regimes.
  • Nausea and excessive sweating, leading to even more nausea and discomfort.
  • Higher chance of suffering from a heat-related illness due to a lack of cool down.

    As you can see, these are some pretty serious issues that you deal with. We recommend that you try and take in a mouthful of water for every set of exercises that you do, giving you just enough water to help feel refreshed and keep your temperature to a more manageable level overall.

    This is a good idea, as it can lead to improved performance and consistency. If you intend on drinking more water during a workout, then we recommend that you look to take in as much alkaline water as you can. Alkaline water offers many of the same benefits as above, but also helps to keep your body in the correct pH balance.

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