What Clients Say


Love this water purifier. We have had our 5 litre filter for a few years and would be lost without it, it even makes rain water taste better. It is the best thing we ever bought. Love it, great product, thank you Genzon Water. "

Lyn Emmerson


"I am very satisfied with my purchase and more importantly I am pleased with the quality of the water produced by the system.
I am troubled with osteoporosis and the course of action I need to take is to alkalise my body.
The Genzon system is helping, as the Ph of the water it produces is 8.3.
For the first week or so, as the rocks settled in, there was a strong taste and the Ph was a rather super 9.3. I liked the Ph reading but not so much the taste. It is now a very pleasant taste and a very satisfactory Ph."

Ian & Jan McInnes


"Maintaining good health and wellbeing starts with preventative strategies such as lowering the intake of toxins that are detrimental to our health. Drinking pure, mineralised and alkaline water is the cornerstone of a well functioning body. I use and recommend the Genzon Water Purifier as one of the best water purifiers available."

Linda Krick

Medical Herbalist & Health Speaker

"After the birth of my last child, I did ‘t feel that great, my hormones were out of wack and I was very tired. Last August I went to a doctor in Marrivlle and he gave me some blood tests as well as 3 of my children. The results were that we were all high in copper and low in zinc. He put us all on vitamin tablets. Month or so later Genzon Water was at the Orange Field days. We bought their product. The copper level started coming down slowly. I do feel better than what I was. The doctor says I am a work in progress. But I do recommend the Water Filter to anyone. We recently brought another one from Genzon water. We stop a few nights a week in Orange. The water there is terrible to drink. I have had the filter there for over a month. It is lovely to have pleasant tasting water in Orange"

Tracey Parker