The effects of dehydration

There are many medical studies from around the world, undertaken over many years, to clearly support the benefits of adequate hydration.


Mild dehydration causes skin to appear flushed, dry and loose with a loss of elasticity. And the effects of dehydration is more noticeable firstly on the face than any other part of the body.


Inadequate fluid intake is one of the most frequent causes of chronic constipation.

Urinary infections and continence

Many older people don’t drink in the evening to eliminate the need to go to the toilet during the night. Clinical evidence shows that it makes no difference in reducing incontinence and it is far more important to be correctly hydrated. So drink a glass of purified water before bedtime.

Pressure ulcers

Poorly hydrated individuals are twice as likely to develop pressure ulcers.

Kidney and gallstones

Regular intake of water reduces the risk of kidney stone formation and helps dilute bile and stimulates the emptying of the gall bladder helping to prevent gallstones.

Heart disease

Good hydration protects against blood clots by decreasing blood viscosity and studies have shown it reduces the risk of heart disease by 46% in men and 59% in women.

Low blood pressure depression so it reduces the risk of fainting, especially in the elderly who often suffer dizziness or fainting attacks especially when they move from a sitting to a standing position.


Water is an essential part of the dietary management of diabetes.

Cognitive impairment

Once you begin to detect dehydration through feeling thirsty, or light headed, mental function may be affected by as much as 10%. Mental performance deteriorates progressively as the degree of dehydration increases.

Hydration is also seen as hugely beneficial in preventing or assisting in the treating many other conditions: angina, arthritis, asthma, backpain, blood cholsetrol, colitis, depression, heartburn, high blood pressure, migraines...

Study after study has shown the benefits of healthy hydration. Get the best out of life. Get into the habit of drinking 2 litres a day of purified genzon water.