Alkalizing Water

Our Priority Is to Provide You With Alkalizing Water Intended to Optimise Your Health

At Genzon Water, we offer you alkalizing water, which creates an environment within your body that makes it difficult for viruses to thrive. When consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle, alkaline water around Australia helps neutralise the harmful effects of having too much acidity in your body.

What You Should Know About Beverages That Cause Acidity in the Body

  • Alcohol. Of course, this is something that most of us don’t want to hear, but even slightly reducing your consumption can have positive effects on your health. Red wine is especially responsible for increasing acidity levels in the body. If you must have that second glass of Merlot, why not moderate a little by having a glass of alkalised water in between drinks, which may also mean less of a hangover in the morning.
  • Soft drinks/Sodas. The effects of the ingredients in carbonated beverages on the body include tooth decay, lowering of bone density as well as acid reflux resulting in heartburn, reason enough to cut these drinks entirely from your diet.
  • Coffee. Again, very few people would be willing to forfeit their cup of goodness in the morning, and why should they? Moderation is key, and the best approach is usually to outweigh the healthy choices you make against helping yourself to a treat occasionally.

Besides the aforementioned, foods such as cheese and dairy products, processed grains like baked goods and white bread, as well as tomato-based foods can also have adverse effects when trying to maintain balanced pH levels in your body.

The Benefits of Drinking Two Litres of Water a Day

By now it is widely known that we should be consuming eight glasses of water a day, but the question then becomes, why?

  • Vitamin and mineral absorption. Water assists in breaking down foods so that there is a better intake of nutrients by the body.
  • Regulates body temperature. There is a reason why on a hot day, we are inclined to reach for a drink more often than on cooler days. Our bodies lose water when we sweat during warmer temperatures; thus, it's necessary to replenish the lost liquids.
  • Helps excrete waste. Our Kidneys help eliminate waste that would otherwise be toxic to the body, so in the interest of self-preservation, let’s help them function at their best by staying hydrated with our alkalised water.

What You Can Expect From Genzon Water

We are dedicated to bringing you alkaline water in Australia that does more than merely quench your thirst. We aim to meet the expectations of the health-conscious individual who pays careful consideration to what is in their water. We truly believe that the quality of water you drink sets the foundation for perfect health and we endeavour to bring you and your family longevity where we are part of the lifestyle making that happen.

For alkaline water in Australia that meets high standards, contact us for more information. We look forward to meeting your water needs.